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Updated: Mar 12

October 2018

Finding your fall fashion can be an exciting venture. First of all you need to be true to yourself with your style comfort level. We can be enticed by magazines, billboards, window displays and TV commercials; however we all possess a thing called “unique style”. The runway fashions are marvelous. Now let’s choose the ones that will express your unique style!

What’s in? Old is new again with 1980’s revival, big shoulders, black leather, men’s jackets, neon colors and futuristic metallics. Animal prints seem to be taking over fall, along with statement boots with funky prints and heels. Dresses make a vintage statement with a modern Victorian vibe, turtle necks, ruffles, florals, velvets and belted midi dresses with over-the-knee boots.

Nail trends sport animal print art, pointed shapes, classic shiny deep red, deep tones with a French tip, punk black, gold and silver metallics are the new nude. Hair has many personalities this fall, rich and shiny, deep and dramatic, light and cool blonds, baby bangs and curtain bangs, 80’s angular bobs, 70’s feathered layers, shag rocker vibe, classic middle part and 1940’s soft waves. Wow a lot choose from to change up your look! Choose a look that feels good, makes you smile and express confidence.

Pairing your ensemble is very important. Creating a “look” of trendy and bold, sleek and classic, simple and sexy, artistic and eclectic, romantic and flirty or edgy and playful will make a statement of your personality. Start with building your outfit. Choose warm or cool tones to compliment your skin. Proportion skirts and lower body lines with your body type, for example, the taller you are the shorter your skirts will appear, heels make skirts appear shorter. If you are heavy on the bottom you should choose darker tones with a slightly loose fall. If you are heavy on the top, same concept applies. Remember that fuller, blousy tops add fullness and are not recommended for fuller body types. You do not want to choose a fitted top either, a slight A line top that has a nice wider bottom will feel comfortable and compliment your silhouette. If you are thin you can enjoy poofs, ruffles and layers. Prints tend to add size, vertical lines add height, horizontal lines add width, dark tones make your size appear smaller, light tones will hug and display the body, shorter waistlines can wear lower cut bottoms, and high waistlines can wear high belts and longer tops. Have fun mix matching, accessorizing with scarves, hats, boots and belts. Remember that proportion is very important. Lay your outfit on your bed with accessories and shoes. You will be able to tell if it appears too heavy on top or bottom. Also you will be able to visualize the balance of the lines, accessories and shoes.

With the holidays upon us, have fun with holiday colors and bling. This is the perfect time of year to be creative, bold and accessorizes. Always attend parties with your best foot forward, smile of confidence, enjoyable conversation topics, a heart to share in love and a gift for the hostess. This is the most beautiful time of year to spend quality time with family and friends. It’s always exciting planning what to wear, what to bring, eat and drink. May you enjoy a blessed, memorable holiday season with fabulous fall fashion.

Cheers to you and yours!

Your Friend,


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