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Updated: Mar 12

June 2019

I’m super excited to be returning from The Nashville Beauty Focus and The Premiere Orlando International Beauty Show! What exciting trends for 2019! These shows are organized by top industry leaders, to bring the lasts in trends and techniques to beauty professionals and give them an opportunity to catch up with colleges worldwide! It’s so rewarding to spend time my favorite icons from Switzerland, Canada, Los Angeles, New York, and many more iconic and trendy cities. Trends vary from coast to coast as well as Europe and Asia. As an artist, I trend watch, learn new tricks, then create my own style of uniquely designs for our guests. You can not mass produce styles nor trends as they do not work for everyone. Each guest is uniquely different and requires a customized style.

Men’s styles erupt off the stage with high and tight fades, pompadours with full beards, longer vintage waves with tight beards, retro grunge, bald shaves, and classic business styles. Guys customize your look for your lifestyle! It all rocks!

For short hair, we see a lot of texture, sleek blunt bobs and lots of bangs. The bangs range from side swept curtain bangs to a short baby bangs. The pixie takes over! From sleek and tight to the head to lots of crown height and framed around the face. The 70’s shag takes a modern twist with lots of sliced layers and movement. Long hair is always a hit with lots of lush, sexy movement. Curved flat irons allow you to achieve beach waves! Braids hit the spotlight this season with fish tale ponytails, box braids, soft braids incorporated into updos, retro 90’s mini braids along with cornrows.

Colour always displays a broad spectrum as so many trend cities create new looks and so many colour lines launch new products. Remember your hair colour should compliment the movement of your hair design. Choose a design that compliments your bone structure and size, then create a customized colour and technique that rocks your look. You should choose tones that compliment your skin, then a technique that flows with your design. The most important thing to remember about hair colour is quality of product, low ammonia and added keratin are very important. Also ask about the new hair bonder that you add to the colour as well as a home treatment! It keeps the hair super smooth and blocks the humidity, preventing frizz. Simply the best!

For additional volume, try add-on pieces! There are a head band type pieces made of 100% human remy hair, seamless, natural looking and feeling!

So, cheers creating your 2019 look! I’m an advocate of being yourself and creating your own trend! One of my favorite quotes, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” ~ Coco Chanel

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