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April 2021

Hello Friends! As we begin a new season, it’s time to change up our style to enhance the vibe of spring. Spring brings a feeling of revival, warmer weather, and a brighter wardrobe. As our style expresses emotions, we should surely illuminate the world around us.

Spring 2021 brings a fresh new look with a blend of modern, vintage, and classics. Accessories shine bright with yellow toned handbags in all shapes and sizes. Shades of blue accessories add a pop to outfits, from bucket hats, small purses, to head wraps. Rekindling the hippie era, handbags are sporting vintage fringe. Various head wraps add flare to outfits and 80’s inspired oversized boyfriend jackets are flaunted with shorts and trousers, as well as tie dyed. The oversized, loose, and sloppy look takes over the skinny, fitted, and tailored. Mini skirts and dresses bring finesse, while mustard yellow and saddle brown pair up to the classic sorbet pastels and petals invade the streets. Get the look and rock out with white knee high boots.

Ensembles bring a modern statement with cool cutouts. Shoes have become squared off and corset inspired pieces intrigue viewers as they show off waistlines. Did anyone say checkers? Well, it’s a thing, the checkerboard pattern is definitely a showstopper.

Make-up delivers a fresh, dewy look with shimmer highlighters. Earth tones always add a softness to spring colors. Remember to softly define your brows, pump up those lashes, and embellish a richer color in one area of the face.

From mullets to shags, hairstyles are 70’s and 80’s inspired. The ever-lovely Farrah Fawcett waves give glamour, so show off that texture and movement.

This season, the men have a variety of looks. From safari jackets, nautical theme, vintage bomber jackets, ultra-wide trousers, bold Bermuda shorts with socks and sandals, big statement shirts, camel brown, bright neon, pastry pastels, 80’s inspired suits, floral print, to the blacked-out Addams family look. What a combination!

Hairstyles for men get creative with the classic crew cut, to longer pompadours. Disconnected undercuts are a huge trend, with a longer top and a shorter clipper cut underneath. Fades are a little lower while displaying edgy sharp side parts. From the classic clean Caesar to the choppy textured French Crop cut. There is certainly a lot to choose from for sure.

Style is an expression of our personality, so express yourself in the best way that makes you feel confident, inspired, and ready to conquer the day. If you would like assistance in creating your spring style, let’s talk.

Until next time!

Your Friend,

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