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January 2021

Hello friends, Happy New Year! Every time the calendar rolls over to a new year, we all crave something new to spice up our lives. There are many topics of improvement in the new year, so here we go!

Me, Myself, & I. There is a lot to structure when planning goals for yourself. Start with categories like personal growth, time management, family innovation, relationship building, career growth, fitness and health, and last but not least your dream image. These are all achievable with time and true desire.

With personal growth, genuinely learn about yourself and what you want out of life. Journaling is a great way to get started, just start writing. When you express yourself on paper, it becomes quite easy to understand what it is you are feeling. The written word is

immensely powerful. Your heart nor mind cannot change what is written in black and white. I have a great system for this, feel free to contact me for more details.

As for time management, make a list of what you wish to accomplish and then transfer it

onto a calendar. Good time management enables you to work smarter, not harder. Plus

booking the time on your calendar makes you accountable to make it happen.

With family innovation, take the time to bring your family together with new rituals, bonding

time, and storytelling of good old memories. This will create a strong impression in the lives

of all involved. Turn the world off and create lasting moments.

When it comes to relationships, focus on putting your partner first. The world around us

tends to become so busy, that we lack in this area. There is nothing more fulfilling in the world, than to feel and know someone is your number one. Remember, it’s the little things

that count. From sending love notes, intimate text messages, date nights, extending acts of

love, to doing things they hate doing like emptying the dishwasher, etc. Some of these things can sound silly, although, it can make a huge impact on the person you love.

Career growth may be challenging with the issues we all experienced in 2020. However, use your love and passion for your industry to find an innovative way to make a positive change. Every industry has a broken area. Seek it out and use your gifts to create a new direction.

Fitness and health should be a regular routine, just like brushing your teeth. You wake up every day a little older. Make each day count. If you eat healthy and stay active, you will age much slower. You will have more energy, stamina, strength, and simply age with grace. We choose our lifestyle, so it should be simple. If you wish to age gracefully and experience longevity, you must take care of yourself!

Finally, your dream image. After your fitness and health regiment, you can now focus on your image. Search for hairstyles for your facial shape and skin tone. Check for make-up trends that will go along with the results you found. The fun part is changing up your wardrobe. Everyone has a body type, dress accordingly. If you need assistance, I would love to help. Step outside of your box and try new styles and colors. You will feel refreshed and new!

Enjoy the new year, filled with exciting experiences finding the new you!

Your Friend,

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