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Hello friends! We have just returned from the Premiere Orlando International Hair Show. Wow! The Summer Fashion Forecast is wispy and bright.

As beauty companies all come up with new ideas for professionals, we always see a wide variety of trends each year. The key is to bring back technique, great products and the latest in funky trends. So, here we go.

As far as technique goes, we see a lot of layers and movement, curls, and texture, as well as braids and bantu knots for ethnic hair. There are many ways to layer hair, however only a few techniques create seamless layers without any lines or visual choppy edges. As far as curls and texture, there are specific angles and tools to create a natural fall that looks great curly and straight. With curly hair, ends need friends. We can create volume and texture without a disappearing weight line. Braids take center stage on all types of hair. Frontal braided trendrils rock day and evening wear. Cornrows, bantu knots and the vintage bouffant bring a glam vide to ethnic hair.

Now let’s talk great products. Hair is acid, 4.5-5.5 on the pH scale. It also has a diameter which creates your texture of fine, medium, or coarse strands. Then you have a density which is how much hair you have per square inch, this being fine, medium, or thick. Also, the hair strand has a cuticle that resembles scales on a fish. If your hair becomes damaged, you will literally be missing part of the cuticle, creating breakage, frizz, and lack of luster. The most innovative product on the market to repair damaged hair is K18. It repairs the hair’s inner structure, bringing back strength, shine and bounce. You should always make sure that your hair is healthy, so that you can rock your look. Styling products only work on the surface of the hair, as treatments repair from the inside out.

When choosing a styling product, remember your texture and density. If you have fine texture, you need light weight products, and if you want to smooth coarser hair you will need heavier products. So, hair products should be prescribed for your specific hair type. As we all know, there is a plethora of products available, it’s all about finding the perfect combination that works for you.

So, what funky trends are in? We brought back a foil technique that resembles a visor. Yes, it allows the colour to be painted in a curved shape, super close to the scalp for a very natural look. The French balayage and hand painting still lives, along with contouring colour around the face to brighten and bring out your features, like the money piece. There are many new hair lighteners that contain Keratin. Keratin rebuilds the hair as it is lifting to prevent breakage and maintain shine.

As far as colour palettes, multiple tone blonds are huge, brunettes of all shades, and bleach blonds are rocking. Shapes vary from shaggy, to mullet inspired shags, to a pixie bob called the bixie, K-pop inspired bottle neck bangs replace curtain bangs and super short women’s cuts make a statement. Some are bleaching the hair, then painting flowers and halos with hair colour wearing it as a piece of art.

As we embrace each season, let’s have fun with fashion while remaining ourselves. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful!

Cheers to Summer 2022!

Your Friend, LK


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