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Updated: Mar 12

March 2019

Spring fever is here! The weather is changing and everyone wants to jump into spring. We are ready to dress with brighter colors, change our hair, make-up, get fit and start planning our vacations.

First step is to check out the spring fashion forecast. Stomping down the runway, we see an expression of hot colors, bright golds, layers of multicultural fabrics, tiered layers on dresses, dolled up garbs, feather accents, a down to earth ambience with shades of tan, fish net fabrics casted over designs, a kick back with a hang ten pacific beach vibe, all shapes and sizes of dots, biker shorts, free spirit hippie tie die with bazar mix match fabrics, modern military belted trousers, maxi dresses, sundresses, denim, sexy high-waisted bikinis, aviator shades, funky sandals with high straps, gladiators, mules, weekender bags, and so much more! The colors for spring range from powdery to bold, ballet pink, rose, lilac, coral, hot pink, fiesta red, burnt red, blood orange, mango, gold, moss green, neon green, tan, and silver. What an amazing array of collections to choose from this spring!

As for the spring style for men, designers take a modern approach to tailoring suits, shorter

cuts in shorts, utility vests and pockets make their stamp on jeans and/or shorts, cowboy boots rock the runway in all shapes and flashy colors, reptile print jackets and pants give rock star vibes, bright white tailoring make a huge statement, leather pants, 90’s revival tie die and rave couture make their return, neon trend brings added glow, bohemian chic, jeans and double breasted jackets sum up this prodigious spring collection for guys.

Every season, hair fashion is all over the place. Bobs continue to be on the A-List for spring. They vary in many shapes and colors. Remember, your hairstyle is all about expressing your personality and should complement your facial shape and bone structure. Have fun changing things up a little this season, however, keep it within your comfort zone. Seek a hairdresser that is interested in getting to know you and has the expertise to deliver your wishes.

Hairdressing is a gift and an art. Interview several hair experts until you find the one that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out how long they been working in the industry, where they received their training from, do they stay current, and last but not lease, what would they do with your hair.

Make-up trends blooms lips with bold and bright colors, metallics, along with a fresh nude glow. Shadows are metallic, hazy, smoky, pale pink, neon lines on the lid, and much more. Red lips with red blush, and a pale eye take center stage. Make-up enhances your beauty...Own your look! Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and trends that express your personality. Mineral make-up is always a great choice as most have SPF, raw minerals and natural vitamins. If you have any questions about creating your new spring look, feel free to contact me at lk@lillianknipp.com.

Shout out to Spring!

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