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Updated: Apr 6

March 2021

Spring is upon us, and pandemic or not, the winter to spring transition is always a big thrill. We can finally put the frigid and short days of winter behind us, with sunnier and longer days ahead.

As we begin to ease out of our sweatpants, assembling your spring wardrobe is exciting, but how do you elevate your style on a budget and keep it classy?

First, sort through your closet and remove any worn, ill-fitting, and out of date clothing, especially pieces you have not worn in six months. Either donate your them to charity, bring it to a second-hand store, or have a yard sale. It is far better to have a small, highly edited wardrobe of items you love and wear over and over, than a closet crammed full of everything you have purchased over the past 10 years.

Second, learn how to dress your unique body and define your personal style. Not everything is created equal, what may look good on the runway or on a mannequin may not work well for your body shape. It’s all about knowing and understanding the correct balance and proportion for your body. Adding some trendy fashion jewelry is a fun way to change up your look and make a great focal point. Invest in a few key pieces that are tasteful; it’s more about what looks cheap vs. what looks classy. As far as defining your style, check out the latest fashion for inspiration. Simply look at trends and recreate it with your own flair.

Third, know when to splurge and when to save. It is worth to invest in quality pieces that you will wear often and over time. You can also work with what you already have and just shop for odds and ends that you may need to complete your new look. If you are on a tight budget, check out clothing outlets, surplus stores, thrift stores, discounted department stores, all while keeping a look out of for sales.

Brand names are great; however, they do not make the person. A winning smile, a cool attitude, and a unique style always wins over tacky multiple labeled attire. Have fun being who you are by creating your signature style.

Now, with the extra funds left over, you can pay off your bills. Create a payment schedule that allows you to get ahead without sacrificing your style. Give up on things you really do not need and start saving. Five dollars here, ten dollars there, all adds up in the long run. Do you absolutely need that latte every morning?

Enjoy the quality of life, be conservative and smart with your money. It is better to have things in moderation and live comfortably, than to have all the frills and be in debt.

Make your style statement and enjoy filling up your piggy bank… Cha-Ching!

Your Friend,

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