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April 2021

Hello friends! Well, it seems like the race is on with everyone trying to shed a few pounds for summer. With the challenges that we have all faced over the past year, I am hearing a lot of discussion about weight gain, boredom and too much of a good time. Now summer has arrived and it’s time to pull out the bikinis, shorts, and the summer wardrobe. So, let’s get started with a plan, so you can rock that summer look!

First things first. Consult with your physician prior to making any sudden changes to your diet and/ or lifestyle. If you are healthy and do not have any issues, then these tips should work for you.

We all have busy schedules and need to have a plan to guide us. Let’s break down our lifestyle into categories. Categories are as follows: family time, relationship time, personal time, work time, diet, fitness, hobbies, etc. Time is a precious gift and when we don’t use it wisely it’s just gone, and we can’t get it back. So, the first step is to prioritize your life and your time. If you can run your life and not allow your life to run you, there is a much greater success rate to achieve your goals.

After prioritizing your time, you can pencil in the meal planning, workouts, walks, and learn to combine some of your time with others by being active. Some ideas to plan family time and dates with physical activities are like cycling, find some 5K walks or runs, go for a swim or kayaking, enjoy a sunset paddle board adventure, or even go for a hike and pack a healthy picnic. Being creative with the way you spend time will create lasting memories as well as help you maintain your fitness at the same time.

Meal planning is a huge part of keeping your diet on track. Plan your meals for the entire week including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This prevents the habit of eating on the fly and grabbing whatever you can find. Look at eating as a way of survival not a just for pleasure. Stay away from fad diets. You may lose pounds quickly, however when you go back to a normal diet, you usually gain pounds back.

I feel that the key to maintaining a healthy diet is being consistent with our intake and output which is exercising. My daddy was a genus car guy from the 1950’s, my everything. He always taught me about what went into a car when he built or rebuilt them. There are so many makes and models, so many engines and configurations. He understood that our bodies are like cars. Whatever he put into them, is what he would get out of them. Hmm sounds like whatever we put into our bodies is what we get out of them. So, I wanna be a race car! How about you?

So with all of this, we need to take the time to be health. We only have one life to live, let’s make it count.

Healthy Tips

  • Make sure that you have a good family care physician, get physicals and blood work.

  • Alkalize your body by consuming alkaline foods and water. You can make alkaline water with a lemon wedge and a pinch of baking soda. Benefits – detoxication, cancer fighter.

  • Practice intermittent fasting. I typically consume my foods from noon until 8 PM. Benefits – weight loss, reduces inflammation, good for heart health, and more.

  • Consume fresh, organic foods. Eat as much raw as you can, along with lean meats. The keto diet is the craze right now, but it’s not for everyone. I always prefer a low fat and low carb diet. Just eating from the earth, limiting portions, and increasing activity always works for me. To be accountable for your food intake, look for an app or keep a journal.

  • Work out! Weight- bearing exercise is crucial to maintain bone density and to support the skeletal system. As we age, our muscles become weaker, which is not good for our posture nor our overall strength. If you cannot go to a gym, purchase some weights for home workouts.

  • Cardio is key! I feel that a good walk or daily run is a great cleanse. Not only do you sweat, however increasing your heart rate is great for so many things! Benefits – burn calories, destress, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure, boots mood, great social event.

  • Donate blood. This not only blesses humanity, however it has so many benefits for your body. Benefits – reduces harmful iron stores in your body, reduces the risk of a heart attack by 88 percent, boots your body’s red blood cell production. https://www.blood.co.uk/the-donation-process/after-your-donation/how-your-body-replaces-blood/

  • Social Hour. Choose low sugar cocktails, don’t use mixers. Instead use fresh squeezed citrus fruit and soda water. There is a bubbly with only 49 calories and less than 2g of carbs. Also, seltzers and beers with low sugar and calories. Or make a mocktail in a fancy glass with soda water, fresh berries, and a splash of Celsius, a green tea based, all-natural energy drink.

  • Rest. Getting enough rest is necessary to just be in a good mood. Benefits – balances blood pressure, helps your immune system, a healthier heart, sharper brain functions, and more.

  • Find and feed your spiritual side. Live a life of joy. Be aware of your surroundings and fill your life with like-minded people who make you feel good.

There are so many benefits to being healthy and fit. Find what works for you and enjoy.

Until next time!

Your Friend,

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